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Recognised for excellence in comfort and innovation, we have been at the forefront

of ingenious reclining technologies and continue to remain unrivalled today.


We believe recliners should offer more than exceptional comfort and inspiring design. They should also be thoughtfully constructed for modern-day living - allowing you to connect with and enjoy life’s precious commodities.


A style to not only best suit your living space, but your individual lifestyle.


Relaxing and unwinding or working from the comfort of your home, this collection boasts a range of impressive optional features which perfectly complement you and your everyday - taking you comfortably from weekday to weekend.



We believe everyone deserves to experience outstanding comfort, which is why we commit to always delivering above and beyond.


By evolving and perfecting our craft, we have created a unique, world-leading design which is included in a variety of our collections.

Our superior comfort system offers an unrivalled seating experience and

exceptional levels of comfort.


Our passionate, skilled designers and

furniture makers all work in perfect

harmony. As a result, we have a

thorough understanding of how to create comfort, perfectly made for contemporary living.


We embed this knowledge into every

collection whilst always ensuring they are

forward-thinking to offer the latest reclining technology which best supports your body.

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